Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hungry Greek Scramble (or Omelet)

A variant of the Hungry Greek - See Below

Lets face it, when you are trying to pack in the protein at breakfast there is a very short list of "traditional" breakfast foods that pack the protein punch. At the top of that list is eggs. Most people find eggs to be boring, but not this time, behold...

The Hungry Greek Scramble


5 Whole Omega-3 Eggs

3 Cups of Fresh Baby Spinach Leaves

1 Medium Tomato
1/4 Cup Sliced Black Olives
1 oz. of Crumbled Feta Cheese
Olive Oil Spray Salt & Pepper (to taste)


Lightly coat the bottom of a non-stick fry pan with the Olive Oil Spray and place over medium heat. Add the Spinach, Tomato and Olives and cook until the Spinach has shrunk. While waiting for the Spinach to shrink, beat the eggs in a bowl. When the Spinach has shrunk add the beaten eggs and stir the mixture around with a spatula, trying not to clump up the Spinach too much. Stir the mixture around every minute or so and when the eggs are close to dry add in the Feta Cheese. Move the scramble around one last time and transfer to a plate when the eggs have reached the desired firmness. Add Salt and Pepper as desired. Serves 2 (or 1
Hungry Greek).


Mixing things up from time to time keeps the taste buds guessing, and keeps boredom at bay. So feel free to mix things up a bit with the options below or get creative with some of your own options. With eggs, the possibilities are endless.

Option 1
. For those that want to up the protein and lower the fat(and calories) feel free to sub in 4 egg whites for 4 whole eggs (that leaves you with 1 whole egg and 4 whites for the mathematically challenged).

Option 2
. Coconut Oil can be substituted for olive oil for those worried about cooking olive oil at higher temperatures. It adds a refreshing flavor that some might enjoy. If you don't like coconut this option is not for you.

Option 3
. I often find that I don't have black olives all the time so I sometimes substitute them for something I do have on hand like mushrooms. I prefer the shiitake variety, but any shroom will do.

Option 4. Make it into an omelet rather than a scramble.

Option 5
. Add some diced or mashed avocado to the side. I like to use a refrigerated avocado because it shortens the wait time to eat your eggs because it cools hot eggs to a tolerable temperature. Try it, the tongue will thank you.

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