Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eat Less. Move More.

Eat less. Move More. It is that simple, but as you can see for some, it's just not easy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fish Oil Burps

Most people are aware now that supplementing with omega-3 fats can provide a whole host of benefits. Even with this knowledge a lot of people complain that when they take fish oil they get the "fish burps." Some go as far as not taking fish oil just because of this. The benefits of fish oil are just too strong to ignore and sometimes you've just got to suck it up, but fortunately for those wanting an alternative here are a few things to try to combat and hopefully prevent fish burps.

Barney just can't stand that fishy repeat

1. Refrigerate your fish oil - This tends to work for most people. I'm not sure the science behind it, but I'd imagine the colder you keep it the less likely it is to go rancid on you. Liquid fish oil should always be refrigerated and I've noticed certain high end brands of fish oil are now recommended that it be refrigerated as well.

2. Use liquid fish oil instead of capsules - Most people are repulsed by the thought of taking a spoonful of fish oil, but to be honest the taste is not bad at all. The Lemon Flavored Carlson's Fish Oil has a subtle flavor that is actually quite enjoyable. You can even use it to compliment the flavor of a shake. The downsides to this is that it has to be refrigerated so it's not "portable" like fish oil capsules. That said it's still an excellent choice and I've never gotten a fishy repeat after taking it.

When life gives you lemon flavored fish oil...

3. Take your fish oil capsules with a meal - This works less often than the other two, but some find it super effective (myself included). As long as I take my fish oil with food (which you should be doing anyway) I don't get any of those nasty burps. I'm not talking about a snack here either, I'm talking about a legit amount of food.

4. Try a different brand of fish oil - Cheaper brands of fish oil tend to be more burpy than others, so just make sure you are buying a quality brand, because lets face it you get what you pay for.

5. Take enteric coated capsules - enteric coating on capsules tends to be easier on the stomach and many people who switch to these kinds of capsules for fish oil never switch back. Costco (Kirkland brand) sells this type in a blue bottle.

Now what's your excuse for not taking your fish oil today?