Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pop Quiz

I know I've been slacking lately with the blogging, so I'll spare you an apology but know that a series of tragic internet issues coupled with a really busy work load had all but eaten up all my free time. No worries though, I'm still training hard and eating like a champ.

So today was test day, and since I was unaware it was more like a pop quiz. I came in expecting a new program like every previous month, but instead I got to break some of my PRs instead. Did some jump testing for vertical and distance. Some triple single leg jumps, box squat, bench press and deadlift. Here's where I'm at after 3 months of training:

Vertical - Don't quote me but I believe it was 24"
Squat - 225lbs (might have been higher, I was so focused on just lifting the weight I don't remember what it was, it was at least 225, but I'll have to confirm this)
Bench - 165lbs
Deadlift - 315lbs (wasn't inspirational, sorry)

Still felt as though I could have done better on the bench, but I'm more than pleased with the other two. Looking forward to my next program. I'll keep you posted.