Monday, October 13, 2008

Burger King Removes Trans Fats Nationwide

Burger King announced it would remove trans fats from its cooking oil, and all baked goods for that matter. Well not really, they said they would make all their foods contain 0g of trans fat so technically they can have up to .5g of trans fat per serving and still label them as 0g of trans fat.

I honestly thought if we could get rid of trans fats the world would be a better place, but instead we are continuing to mislead people with this whole 0g of trans fat nonsense. Make a serving of fries only a handful and then suddenly an average size of fries has a couple grams of trans fat. Most would say it's no big deal, but trans fats lead to a whole host of problems. Maybe you won't have any problems this year or next year, but eventually those bits of trans fat grams will add up and catch up with you.

I hope nobody sees this 0g of trans fat message and interprets it that Burger King is now a viable health food option, because their food overall is still a poor choice. I see rationalizations like this all the time. You get told you can have a potato and suddenly you are eating french fries. Get told burger king has no trans fat and suddenly a whopper value meal is on your fitday tracker.

You can see the full BK story here.

Hey King, that better be trans fat free tanning oil!

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