Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween: It Begins

Dude, eat the pumpkin don't wear it, you definitely could use the calories

What begins? Today marks the beginning of crappy eating that will carry through to the holiday season. Right as you are finishing up that last piece of Halloween candy there will be plenty of leftovers from turkey day to fill your tummy. Those leftovers will carry you for a few weeks until the holidays bring cookies and treats a plenty. Overeating for 2 straight months with the only hope in sight being a new years resolution. We all know how those turn out.

Sure go ahead and have a couple pieces of candy today, eat your turkey and pie on thanksgiving and enjoy your Christmas Cookies (or whatever holiday cookies you might be celebrating with). But what if you stuck to a well regimented plan outside of those "free" days. Why wait until new years when you can start building the healthy body you want today. I'd suggest getting on a plan and sticking to it. Start Today.

Any plan will work. You should all know by now I love Precision Nutrition, but seriously any plan will work. A study showed that diet type was of very little importance. The most important thing was that adherence to the diet.

Happy Halloween! I'm starting today, are you coming along with me?

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