Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why the North American Diet Sux

Sit and think about what the typical diet for your average guy is. Breakfast is probably a bowl of cereal, lunch a sandwich, and dinner may be your "good" meal where you have a portion of meat, a side of veggies, etc. Well, if you look at this diet it's obviously pretty flawed. Just take a look at the fruit and vegetable content. You maybe get some bit of a veggie serving from your lettuce and tomato on your sandwich, and maybe a serving for dinner. This is a huge problem. You have to have strategies to get these fruits and vegetables into your system.

"But Gregg, I have a salad for lunch everyday!" Well that's a step in the right direction, but we can all do better. Try adding some veggies to your breakfast meal. Maybe have an omelet with some veggies tossed inside. Skip the sandwich and make yourself a chicken salad with tons of your favorite veggies and add some olive oil and you've got yourself a solid lunch. You could even do the unthinkable and put some veggie snack bags together and them between meals.

One product I'm quite fond if is Greens+ which is great for filling in those gaps when we aren't getting our veggies. Keep in mind this is not a vegetable replacement, as vegetables should obviously be a staple in your diet. You can get this stuff at some local vitamin stores, but I've found it's pretty hard to come by, so I just order it online. I use this product at least once a day in my meal replacement shakes. And the berry flavor tastes a heck of a lot better than what I'll just call the lawn mulch flavor. If you're hardcore enough you can find some cooler flavors in Canada which is where the company is based out of. I order mine from there.

There are obviously more problems with this North American diet in that it's devoid of enough lean protein, there are a lack of good fats(Olive Oil, Nuts, Avocado), amongst the need for more fiber. I just want to get you average folk out of eating like the average north american, otherwise you'll end up looking like the average north american.


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