Saturday, June 16, 2007

First Full Workout

So this morning I went to Excel for my first official workout. We started with a warm-up which included some foam rolling and some of the drills seen an Cressey's Magnificent Mobility DVD. The highlight of the workout were the trap bar deadlifts which coincidentally was the first exercise we did. It was something I'd never done before and I look forward to doing them again. The thing I liked most about the workout was there was no sit around and rest time between sets. I see alot of guys reading magazines or watching tv in between sets at the gym, and I always felt they were just trying to kill time. The closest thing to some true rest were some mobility drills done in between the sets to give the time needed to let the muscles recover to do the next set.

By the end I really was sweating like I'd never had before and at a point Eric asked if I was alright, afraid that I was about to lose my breakfast. I would have been pissed if I had lost my breakfast...all those precious calories put to waste, but fortunately I was able to keep it down. The intensity of the workout was much more than I had anticipated, and I think more calories earlier in the morning will be in order down the road.

The diet hasn't been too hard to stick to, and with these rough workouts, it's motivation to keep fueling the body with good stuff. I just gotta make sure I eat enough calories as I tend to overestimate how many calories I'm eating, while typically most people do the opposite.

Gonna go put some steel cut oats on the stove for tomorrow's breakfast.

Until next time,


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