Friday, June 15, 2007

Making a True Meal Replacement

A great way to fill gaps in your diet is with a meal replacement shake. No I'm not talking about carnation instant breakfast, I'm talking about some real on the go nutrition. Many people nowadays can't stop and have a complete meal every 3 hours so here is a great way to put something together in 5 minutes in the morning and will save you later in the day. Here's my foundation for a good meal replacement shake:

Some Fruit - Frozen Blueberries work great here
Ground Flaxseed - Good source of Fiber and Omega-3 Fats, you gotta grind them to get the full effect.
Plain Yogurt - Gotta love those live and active cultures
Greens Powder - A greens supplement will give your veggie servings without the actual veggies, I prefer a wild berry flavor over the lawn mulch flavor
Vanilla Protein Powder - If it's a post workout shake 100% Whey is best here, otherwise a Milk-Protein blend will digest slower and as a result satiate hunger longer
Iced Green Tea - Antioxidants with a touch of caffeine amongst the numerous other positive effects make a great base for this shake

Potential adds: Earlier in the day you could add some Oats to the mix, or later in the day a handful of mixed nuts.

Now there are plenty of other shake ideas you can come up with like a chocolate peanut butter shake etc. Just throw all the ingredients in a blender adding your liquid to get the desired consistency. I like to use the shake to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner as it functions as a pick me up to get me through the rest of the workday.


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