Sunday, September 21, 2008

Utah's Strongest Man 2008

The 2008 Utah State fair held a Strongman competition on September 14th that I was lucky enough to attend. After a day of grueling qualifiers the competitors were asked to come back for 3 more events on a final day 2. The first was a press medley, and that was followed by Dodge Caliber deadlifts. They capped the competition off with another timed medley that involved carrying a 250lb block, followed by a 275lb block and finally pushing a truck to the finish.

The Big Man Deadlifts the Dodge Caliber for Reps (Roughly 900lbs at the bottom)

It was inspiring to see such fierce competition among these strong men. The amount of preparation that goes into these must be intense, from the training, to the eating and the supplementation.

Suddenly sled pushes don't seem all that bad

For your viewing pleasure I uploaded a video of the final medley. Yes that is John Sullivan in the left lane, your eyes are not deceiving you and if you have motion sickness I apologize for my inability to keep the camera still.

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