Monday, September 22, 2008

For the last time I am not on Atkins!

I love how everyone feels they can extrapolate my whole diet when they only see me eat one meal a day. I find that people see me basing my lunch time feeding around lean proteins, vegetables and good fats and I get comments like "oh no carbs for you eh?" or the ever popular "I see you are on the atkins diet?"

First off just because I don't have carbs at lunch doesn't mean I don't eat them. It amazes me how many people feel they need a ton of carbs during the day to get through a light office day at work. I'm sorry I didn't realize you were utilizing all your glycogen storage filing all that paperwork. You better go get yourself a soda because the coffee and muffin you ate a few minutes ago obviously didn't have enough caffeine/calories/sugar in it. C'mon people, it's time to get with it. Nutrient timing is important and if you want those carbs you have to earn them by doing some rigorous physical activity. You don't need carbs to file your TPS reports!

Futhermore, I don't even consider what I do a "diet" persay. Diets Suck! I eat the things I want but time them appropriately.

I was delighted to see this under the cap when I opened the bottle

If I want some starchy carbs they are going to be following my workout. The fact is if you tally up my daily carb intake it's probably about average in terms of what SAD(Standard American Diet) people eat. Granted it comes from good carbs, whole fruits and vegetables, but hey that's just the way I do it. My metabolism feels like it's out of control comparable to five years ago and I'm eating close to 2x the amount of calories I was back then. This increase in calorie intake correlates with the increased energy expendature from strength training and various other forms of activity. Carbs can be your friend if you let them. Otherwise you'll just be another office slave with a gut.

So don't judge people based on what you see them eat in one sitting. We probably shouldn't judge people to begin with, but frankly when you say I'm eating low carb you are flat out wrong. You have to look at the whole picture to make that call.

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