Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fear of Protein

Well, we've gone through fear of carbs and fat, so it was only a matter of time right? Some might be scratching their head at this point. You might be thinking, there are low carb diets and low fat diets, but I've never heard of a low protein diet. Though I'm not familiar with any mainstream low protein diets(maybe it's because the aren't effective) it's worth noting that many people believe consumption of excess protein will lead to kidney failure. To learn where that claim comes from lets go to the research.

Protein? I shower in that!

If you scour pub med or any other research database you'll find many studies showing that high protein diets lead to kidney failure. Not so fast! Let me qualify that. This is certainly misleading because all of these studies that show these ill effects of protein are all conducted on people with preexisting kidney conditions. As of today you will find no study/research/evidence that a high or moderately high protein diet will have any adverse affects on healthy kidneys. So if your kidneys are in good repair, go ahead and go for the steak.

Eat up!

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