Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fear of a 9 Year Old: The Jericho Scott Story

Banned! Huh what?

9 year old Jericho was banned from pitching because he was too good. Seriously! They banned a 9 year old because he can throw a ball at 40mph. It would be one thing if he was injuring people left and right but according to the reports he hasn't so much as hurt one batter.

I think the people that run that league need to get real. There seems to be some little league politics involved in the matter as well which you can read about here. Parents are setting a sad example for our youth by tainting them with this nonsense. First they banned dodge-ball, and now Jericho. Where does it end? Sounds like this will eventually lead to more segregation of the over fat kids and the athletic kids, as if that wasn't a social problem already. Kids should have the honor of playing against someone that talented. It will only further develop them as an athlete and a person.

Let Jericho Play!

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