Sunday, July 6, 2008

Six Months Down, Six More to Go

Well Independence Day has come and gone leaving you with a little less than half a year remaining. The farthest thing from your mind is probably your New Years Resolutions. If your goal was to lose 20lbs this year, have you lost at least 10? If your goal was to make a million dollars this year have you made a half million?

I hope everyone had a HAPPY & HEALTHY Independence Day

If you aren't on track to achieve your goals now is the time to wake up. There is still plenty of time this year to make it happen. Now is as good a time as any to re-evaluate your goals and maybe make some new ones.

I've compiled a few of my favorite goal setting tips below:

1. Write it down and tell someone. If you write your goal down studies have shown you incredibly more likely to achieve them. Telling someone that will support you is also important. You often don't have to be specific when telling someone your goal especially if your goal is ambitious. People are afraid of those who have high standards and reach for what they want. These toxic people will envy you and do everything they can to hamper your results. This is why if you have a goal of say losing 20lbs, you might want to just tell them I'm trying to lose some weight. Though you can be unspecific when relaying your goals to others you will want to be specific when you write them down for yourself. Clearly define what goal achievement will look like. Heck even draw a picture so it can help you visualize your goal.

2. Have a constant reminder. A constant reminder is something that you can see daily that reminds you of your goal. It can be as simple as listing your goals on your refridgerator. Other options include putting something visual in a common place. If your goal is to golf like tiger woods, placing a picture of him somewhere you'll see it everyday will keep golf at the forefront of your mind. One of my goals is to roll a perfect 300 game in bowling. I have a score sheet filled in on my wall showing what that 300 game will look like. I never forget the end goal and will keep working at it until I get there.

3. Put an end date to the goal. This will force you to work towards your goal and keep on pace to achieve it. Periodically evaluate whether you are on pace and if not figure out what you have to do to get back on track. I've often found that once you set a goal and an end date you'll find that beating the target date is often possible.

No goal is too small or too big to be included on your list. So take a few minutes and write some down now!

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