Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fruit Juice vs Whole Fruit Again

I previously wrote an article about fruit juice and why it's simply better to eat the fruit. A recent study featured in Reuters confirms this again by showing that eating whole fruit or veggies while shying away from fruit juice reduces your risk for type 2 diabetes. These results make sense because fruit juice would surely mess with your blood sugar levels more than whole fruit and vegetables would. This is because it creates a hefty load of sugar being absorbed quickly because of the lack of fiber. Combine this with less nutrient density and it's double trouble. Did they really need to conduct a study to find this?

Apple vs. Apple Juice - A battle to the death

The study showed various servings of fruit and vegetables reduced the incidence of diabetes, while fruit juice consumption actually showed an increased incidence. So another battle won by whole fruit over fruit juice.

Now if we could only get people to understand the cure for type two diabetes. Plain and simple, it's time to get rid of the national guideline stating that it is acceptable to substitute fruit juice for a whole fruit serving. It simply doesn't measure up.


Cathy said...

Hi I just Googled Juice v’s whole fruit and found your blog entry .
What about veggie juice do the same principles apply ?
It's just that i'm considering a juicer ;-)

Gregg said...

Hi Cathy,

Juicing your own fruit/veggies in a juicer is going to be far superior to that of store bought juices. For one it won't be pasteurized, so more micro nutrients will be kept. As for juicing veggies it certainly is a great idea. Some juicers are really great at keeping the fiber content high while others filter a lot out. I personally like using a strong blender and adding things like kale to my super shakes. This is because what you put in stays in. In short a juicer is definitely a great investment if you just don't go crazy juicing 4 oranges and drinking them all in one shot. Using it for veggies is definitely a super idea.