Wednesday, July 2, 2008

5 Reasons to Eat Spinach

Is your mouth watering yet?

1. Spinach has some great nutritional properties. These properties include having plant derived omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber. It's dark and leafy giving you all kinds of phytonutrients. Spinach eaters have been shown to have lower risks of virtually every type of cancer. Spinach can help balance out those acids in the SAD (Standard American Diet) with its extreme alkalinity. Aside from some exotic vegetables I believe spinach is the most alkaline food that is readily available. It even has some protein in fiber with it to boot!

2. Spinach comes in convenient bite size leaves. No need to chop, dice, or cut. Just tear open a bag and stick a handful in your mouth. It's a great replacement for popcorn at the movies and no need to add butter.

3. It's the only vegetable that is 100% fully endorsed by Popeye.
Eat Your Damn Spinach

4. Spinach shrinks when cooked. It becomes such a small amount thus making it easier to get your 10 servings of vegetables in. Heck 16 ounces of cooked spinach can fit in a small bowl.

5. Spinach is versatile. You can throw some in an omelet with your breakfast, you can use it as a base for the leafy part of your salad. You can sauté it with some garlic for an awesome side dish. It is even used in a pesto sauce in the new Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook.

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