Monday, July 7, 2008

Mold Doesn't Want It.

Mold doesn't want it, bacteria of all sorts shies away, yet we continue to eat it. What is it? See Below...

I'm off to McDonalds...I imagine after a few of you watch this I'll see you there as well. Make my french fries extra fried, and my cow extra corn fed.

Another thing that irks me about this video, is that the woman who has received acclaim for her diet books looks considerably overweight. I know they say the camera adds 10lbs, so maybe I'm being harsh. Okay I am being harsh, but it is a harsh reality, if you aren't going to practice what you preach you lose all credibility(in my humble opinion). And if you are practicing what you preach and it isn't working, then you need to find a new field to play in or just shut up because you are confusing everyone.

Now don't get me wrong as I don't mean to single her out, because she isn't the only one. I've seen awards given to nutritionists that were clearly overweight. Does anyone else see a problem here? These mixed signals are everywhere.

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