Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Truth about Weight Watchers: Part I

Weight Watchers is one of the most popular mainstream methods for losing weight. While many are quick to criticize the program there are some things they do extremely well and this is why they have success.

Social Support - Accountability is extremely important when trying to lose weight. One of the best tips when going on a diet is to get those around you involved. If you can gain the support of those around you, success becomes inevitable. On the flipside if nobody knows you are dieting and you are accountable only to yourself, it's easy to deviate from the plan. This is the one thing weight watchers does so well and makes them so successful. Weekly meetings and weigh ins, though daunting, keeps everyone accountable. Knowing that you are weighing in and that those around you are counting on you will probably make you think twice about having that twinkie and maybe you'll make exercising a priority.

Portion Control - Weight watchers has a clever system which focuses on points for portion control. It basically simplifies calorie counting and assigns a point value to each food. Each day you have a set number of points you can eat. This simplicity lets you keep your calories under control without turning to a food log that can easily turn into a full time job.

A Twinkie is how many points?

Emphasis on Fiber - Foods that are high in fiber tend to have less points, so this plan will have you filling up on high fiber foods thus encouraging consumption of fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. All of which are great choices.

You may remember from an earlier post when I talked about how the diet didn't really matter when it comes to weight loss. The most important factor was the adherence to the diet of choice. So whatever plan you choose to follow, follow it!

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