Wednesday, November 19, 2008

High Volume Week is Ridiculous and Santa+Soda=Fat

So looking at the training session on paper I said to myself, you've got to be kidding me(there may have been a bit vulgarity to it). After some speed squats I was rack pulling, and after rack pulling some killer lunges from a deficit. Then a couple fancy schmancy (I assure you that is a word, somewhere) exercises to close it out. All in all it took a couple of hours to complete and rest assured I was pretty beat when I was done.

Fortunately I had a pleasant surprise as I was leaving the gym. The giant billboard outside my gym which usually features some mountain dew, vitamin water, or other random beverage ad had been replaced by yet another random beverage ad...

I pegged him for more of a milk and cookies guy, guess I was wrong

I'm sorry for the crappy image quality but my cellphone isn't the best at taking pictures of towering objects in the middle of the dark night. But you get the point, finally an ad campaign with some truth to it. Santa drinks coke. Santa is fat. You do the math. And those that were doubting my training session took so long can take note of the absence of light around the billboard. Yeah thats right I'm calling out all the doubters.

And in case Santa is reading this, I don't mean any offense. I have been a good boy this year!

C'mon you gotta respect the man who provided you with the original 8 bit NES, super mario brothers, duck hunt and even a power pad. He did this all for a mere plate of my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies and a glass of luke warm milk that had probably been sitting a bit too long. And no it's not the cookies that makes him's the soda. I'm telling you, I saw it on a sign.

Although there was this one year when I found a special package* from one of his reindeer on my roof.

*Special Package = Reindeer droppings, jeez do I have to spell out everything for you?

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