Friday, January 23, 2009

Makin' Jerky

There is nothing more manly than eating a stick of dried meat. In fact it's one of my favorite foods and is undoubtedly my favorite portable food. Unfortunately good jerky is hard to find let alone some that isn't laced with MSG and sugar. I don't mind the salt so much but I feel like sometimes that is a bit overpowering as well.

The Solution To Crappy Store Bought Jerky

Anyway my point is I finally manned up and got a dehydrator so I could make my own jerky. Ironically it came with jerky flavor packets that included MSG, so didn't get much out of that. So my first crack at it was some buffalo that I just added some random spices in my cabinet to. The jerky came out in terms of texture but I definitely need to work on the flavor. I still have a lot to learn but overall the process of drying out meat is pretty simple. See below for the before dehydration pictures:

Raw Buffalo Meat!

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