Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let The Resolutions Begin

Everyone knows that for the commercial gyms it is make or break time right now. They usually have some catchy deal that will lure the "resolution" people in. This is good news for the gym, but unfortunately for the rest of the commercial gym goers it just turns a crowded gym into an unbearable gym. Just as St. Patrick's Day is an amateur night of beer drinking, the new year brings roughly a month of amateur gyming (yes I know that isn't a word).

Fortunately for me, I don't train at a commercial gym and there hasn't been much of a surge in attendance of these chaps and the regulars, are well, still regular. I'd encourage those in search of a gym membership to seek out commercial gym alternatives. Often you'll find yourself with a more positive training environment that will keep you motivated. Definitely try before you buy. Don't get coaxed into a long contract when you aren't even sure you like the place.

Training in a commercial gym while home for the holidays made me realize just how good I have it. I also got a testing session in at Cressey Performance while back on the east coast as well, which was great for a number of reasons. It was even better than I had remembered. Before I get to the results I just can't say enough about the environment they've created there and it shows in the caliber of clientele they get. Three top notch coaches, one guy with an MBA and a pool of motivated athletes(and weekend warriors) and you've got the recipe for success. If you are ever in the Boston area be sure to check them out.

On to the results. So I completed all 4 phases of Eric Cressey's Maximum Strength, which took me about 20 weeks rather than the 16 because I was working around a forearm issue resulting from a bowling mishap.

With that said here was my starting point for packing day:
Deadlift - 315lbs
Squat - 240lbs
Bench Press - 210lbs
3RM Chin - 213lbs

And After for moving day:
Deadlift - 385lbs (+70lbs)
Squat - 300lbs (+60lbs)
Bench Press - 215lbs* (+5lbs, or 10lbs depending on how you look at it, see below)
3RM Chin - 230lbs

*I actually did a 220lb single at the tail end of phase 3. Some days you feel like you could move the world, unfortunately for me, testing day wasn't one of those days. Going to work on my bar speed in my next set of training. Hopefully that will help some.

So anyhow this brings my 3 lift total to 900lbs. Only 100lbs until I reach my goal of a 1,000lb total, which mind you is one of my 3 resolutions!

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