Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Monica 'Jet' Carlson Workout & Diet

I previously wrote about American Gladiators season 1 victor, Jet.

So I did a little homework on the 'Monica Carlson Diet and Exercise' program and I managed to find this video where she tips us off to how she achieved her dream physique.

The second I knew I won, I was in the gym, eating protein, cutting out sugar and carbs, it was a huge transformation.

Notice how she didn't say she popped a magic pill, or did thousands of crunches. Sounds like this 32 year old mother has it all figured out. You know what to do. Intensity in the gym and at the dinner table. So check out these tips on how you can be like Monica Carlson and cut 'out sugar and carbs' from your diet.
  • Replace your breakfast cereal with an egg omelete (feel free to add in copious amounts of vegetables)
  • Replace the sandwich at lunch with a salad. Even a wrap will typically have less carbs than a full blown sandwich.
  • When ordering a meal at a restaurant substitute the starchy carb (typically pasta or potatoes) with vegetables (broccoli, seasonal mixed veggies, or even a house salad) . You do not need to feel obliged to order what is listed on the menu. Any reasonable restaurant will make whatever you order and many allow substitutions. Don't rationalize eating empty carbs because the restaurant won't budge.
  • Skip the bread bowl as well. If you can't restrain yourself tell them not to even put the bread on the table.
  • Drink only non-calorie containing beverages. One can of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar. Skip the soda, fruit juice and empty calories by only drinking water and green tea. Get your calories from food!(Gold star for those that get their calories from food that actually contains nutrients)
  • Earn your carbs through exercise. The best times to have carbs are post workout. A workout classifies as any intense physical activity. If you are looking to shed a few pounds, save the carbs until after you've listed some weight.
  • Look for lower-carb alternatives. Replace hamburger buns with portobello mushroom caps. Use spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti. Be creative!
And for those of you that are going to yell at me for not mentioning the 'eating protein' part of her comment, this is for you. Eat lean cuts of your favorite animals (chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, buffalo, ostrich, other wild game etc.). Also feel free to supplement with a protein powder, eat eggs/egg whites and cottage cheese. For those vegetarians and vegans there is always soy, and rice protein powder.


Incorporating some of these tips will surely spark your progress towards the American Gladiator Dream Body. Monica Carlson, 'er I mean Jet said so!

If you want to speed up the process I'd suggest picking up a copy of Precision Nutrition to guide you through your eating and when you are ready to get ripped fast hop on the Get Shredded Diet, which is posted in the forums. Suddenly losing 2lbs a week is not only realistic, but also disappointing.

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