Monday, May 12, 2008

From Rad Mom to Ripped Gladiator

Though I'm not a big fan of television, I do love regular people competing against giants, and occasionally watch American Gladiators. I was intrigued by the season premier tonight, as I was especially curious as to how they were going to work in the winning contenders of season 1 into gladiators for season 2.

Monica Carlson - Female Season 1 Winner

To my surprise Monica Carlson, 32-year old mother of twins was completely ripped. She had to be in great shape to win the first time around, but she's definitely stepped it up a notch. Look how lean she got.

Jet - One of the Newest Gladiators

It's cool to see how quickly she has made the transformation. The changes are drastic and were made in just a short time. I believe she had 6 months or so between filming. The male contender (now named Rocket) looked significantly leaner and more vascular (veiny) as well. I would be curious as to how rigorous their training and nutrition program was. Keep an eye out for them in future episodes as I think they'll be as formidable as the other gladiators.

American Gladiators airs on NBC, Monday Nights at 8pm EST. You can watch missed episodes on

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