Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Next Month of Training

I updated my workout log for my next month of training. Let me tell you, after day 1 of this new plan, I was pretty beat. It felt like day 1 at the gym all over again. Looking forward to the next workout, to see how badly it'll hurt.

It has also been suggested that I talk about some off topic things other than training, so if you have any off topic suggestions feel free to email them to me, or post a comment to any entry with your suggestion.

New Workout Log

A new study was conducted on the affects of doing cardio(apparently steady state) in two separate 30 minute runs, with 20 minutes of rest in between the two runs. It took this and compared it with just a 60 minute run with no rest. The study showed that they both burned the same number of calories, but the interesting thing is that those that had the 20 minute gap in between burned more fat calories. So what does this mean? Who gives a shit. Stop wasting time with nonsense cardio, when you aren't doing strength training and interval training first. Honestly without the first two, steady state cardio is a complete waste of time. Use it to cap off your strength and interval training, but otherwise it's a lot of wasted effort(unless you genuinely like running). Also worth noting, when you do steady state activities like running, your orthopedic health is put at risk, not to mention shortness of breath, and queaziness, which mind you are common symptoms during a heart attack. As a tool for fat loss, it just isn't all that great of a solution.

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