Thursday, July 5, 2007

3rd Week is a Charm

So I'm on my third week training at Excel and all I can say is wow. My back feels significantly better, I'm walking taller and putting on some pounds (good ones of course). I even sat through a lengthy movie (nearly 3 hours with previews) without my back bothering me the entire show.
I can't remember the last time I did that, and to that effect I wholeheartedly recommend everyone go see Transformers. IT was amazing!

Maybe the movie was just so good, back pain didn't stand a chance?

I've posted a link to my google spreadsheet which is documenting my training program progress, as well as a sample meal plan. Speaking of meal plans, I see all these people putting all this data into these daily food logs which honestly I think isn't proactive enough. You'd be better off planning your meals ahead of time, writing out what you are going to eat, and then eat what you planned on eating. This way you don't have to go oh crap! I shouldn't have eaten that thing on that day in my food journal, but rather be ahead of the curve in picking out what you should be eating in the first place. Don't get me wrong, food logs have their place, but I think they are being overdone at this point. Make a meal plan for the week, monitor your success at following your plan, and you'll be doing leaps and bounds better than those just cramming useless data into a food log. Logging in poor food choices won't make you lose weight.


PS, Just because a 100 Calorie pack of cookies only has 100 calories, it still is 100 calories of crap! And similarly eating lean cuisine will not make you lean (it has trans fats in the ingredients, and lets just say that's not the only problem)

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