Sunday, June 22, 2008

Completely Disgusted

Just when I thought French fries were as bad as they could be, I've discovered I was wrong.

How could trans-fat laden vegetable oil fried grease sticks get worse?

I've recently relocated to Utah and my first experience with the workplace dining left a bitter taste in my mouth. While ordering a chicken breast to place on top of my salad the fellow next to me was getting his burger and fries and asked the cook for some "fry sauce." I was perturbed by his request for what I thought was ketchup. Little did I know that in Utah, French Fries have their very own condiment. Behold FRY SAUCE.

A sauce for fries that isn't ketchup. Well it is, kinda...

With 2 parts mayo and 1 part ketchup, I can't imagine a faster way of clogging your arteries. Oh wait, there is a faster way. Dip some greasy fried potatoes into the sauce. Yum!

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