Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gourmet Nutrition Review

Making healthy food taste great is by no means an easy feat. I've spent many hours in the kitchen making strange concoctions trying to disguise the tastes of certain foods in order to make them more palletable.

Enter Berardi's Gourmet Nutrition. Those not familiar with John Berardi, I suggest you get your head out of your ass and look him up as he has become the go to guy for the latest and greatest in nutrition.

I ordered the book as soon as it came out. I knew it was destined to be another Berardi gem. $40 for a cookbook might seem like a lot, but when you see what went into this book you'll wonder why it's so cheap. If everyone ate exclusively out of the recipes in this book, the obesity epidemic would be cured in a matter of months.

I received the book about a month ago, but wanted to give it a full go before writing my review. I've made several of the recipes, shakes, and even homemade salad dressings and all I can say is my taste buds are tired as there is just too much flavor being delivered on a consistent basis. The book comes with full color pictures which will provide the motivation to prepare these tasty treats. I almost feel guilty eating some of these recipes, because I still have that feeling that if it tastes so good it must be bad. Not the case with Gourmet Nutrition. I'd suggest you make this a staple for your kitchen and pick up a copy now.

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